Leather Briefcases for Men

Leather Briefcases for Men

Maxwell-Scott® was founded on supplying those in the corporate world. Our luxury men's briefcases are handmade in the heart of Italy by master craftsman. Designed to last a lifetime, our superior leather is sourced from one of the finest tanneries, which is guaranteed to develop and naturally improve over time - a truly unique and personal product.
  1. The Paolo Large
    The Paolo Large
    Leather 17" Laptop Briefcase
  2. leather attache case
    The Buroni
    Large Leather Attaché Briefcase
  3. Italian leather Macbook business bag
    The Calvino
    16" Leather MacBook Business Bag
  4. The Scanno
    The Scanno
    Slimline Leather Attaché Case
  5. brown Italian leather men's briefcase
    The Paolo3
    Classic Briefcase - 3 Section
  6. The Loreto Large
    The Loreto Large
    17" Laptop Briefcase Satchel
  7. leather briefcase satchel for men
    The Jesolo2
    Satchel Briefcase - 2 Section
  8. men's large briefcase with phone and umbrella space
    The Alanzo
    Men's Leather Briefcase - 2 Section
  9. leather briefcase bag for men
    The Jesolo3
    Leather Satchel Bag - 3 Section
  10. expandable leather attache case
    The Strada
    Expandable Leather Attaché Case
  11. The Basilio Large
    The Basilio Large
    Leather Lawyer Briefcase
  12. handcrafted men's italian leather small briefcase
    The Lorenzo
    Small Leather Briefcase - 1 Section
  13. mens italian leather briefcase for 16" laptop
    The Paolo2
    Classic Briefcase - 2 Section
  14. The Tomacelli3
    The Tomacelli3
    Large Leather Briefcase - 3 Section
  15. Leather Document Case
    The Barolo
    Leather Document Case
  16. The Calvino Large
    The Calvino Large
    16/17" Leather Laptop Bag
  17. The Calvino Canvas
    The Calvino Canvas
    15" Canvas / Leather Laptop Bag
  18. Italian leather document cases
    The Tutti
    Leather Document Case
  19. men's brown italian leather shoulder bag
    The Livorno (Soft Grain)
    Luxury Leather Messenger Bag
  20. black leather backpack briefcase
    The Micheli
    Men's Leather Backpack Briefcase
  21. top quality italian leather men's briefcase in tan
    The VareseW
    Leather Flight Case with Wheels
  22. best briefcase leather
    The Tomacelli2
    Large Leather Briefcase - 2 Section
  23. mens black lawyer briefcase
    The Basilio
    Executive Briefcase - 2 Section
  24. luxury men's black leather satchel bag
    The Ravenna Soft Grain
    Large Leather Messenger Bag
  25. The Loreto
    The Loreto
    15" Leather Laptop / Satchel Bag
  26. mock croc unique briefcase
    The Calvino Croco
    Italian Leather Soft Briefcase
  27. quality small briefcase leather
    The Battista
    Leather Briefcase Bag - 2 Section
  28. luxury men's italian leather pilots case in black
    The Varese
    Leather Pilot Case
  29. The Teramo
    The Teramo
    Leather Laptop Bag With Trolley Sleeve
  30. luxury Italian Leather Business Briefcases for men
    The Lagaro
    Leather Business Briefcase
  31. italian leather laptop briefcase
    The Volterra
    Luxury Laptop Briefcase
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How To Choose The Perfect Men's Briefcase For Your Career

A timeless leather briefcase is one of the best investments that a man will make within his lifetime. At Maxwell–Scott, each briefcase for men is crafted from the finest full-grain Italian leather and comes with a 25 year warranty: a testament to our belief in expert craftsmanship and long-lasting, heritage design. With this in mind, here is our invaluable guide to selecting the perfect men’s leather briefcase for your profession…
Finding The Style

The three main categories of briefcases, attaché, soft and messenger, lend themselves well to different kinds of careers. When searching for the best leather briefcase for men to invest in, you may first want to consider which style suits your profession and workplace dress code.

men attache briefcase luxury
The Attaché Case

An attaché briefcase is the most classic of hard leather briefcases, usually favoured by gentlemen working in a formal environment. When worn with a tailored suit, an Italian leather attaché case is bound to exude professionalism and class, fitting for the most traditional of careers. The attaché is perfectly suited to transporting important paperwork, documents and your other essentials - it’s also the most coveted style of men’s briefcase for those who require a more distinguished aesthetic.

The Modern Briefcase

The modern briefcase is highly versatile, making it a fine choice for most working environments. For instance, our Calvino handmade leather briefcase lends itself well to both formal and smart-casual attire - a valuable investment for a lifelong career, wherever it may take you. Although the soft leather design is more contemporary than its traditionally structured, attaché counterpart, this leather briefcase for men maintains a classic style which will always be admired within the workplace.

luxury leather messenger
The Messenger

The messenger bag is an attractive alternative to the formal briefcase for more laid-back environments. The Ravenna, for example, is a premium men’s leather satchel briefcase that is much loved for its relaxed silhouette and butter-soft leather exterior, which is ideal if you wear chinos and a shirt to work rather than a full suit. Considering the growing trend towards more relaxed dress codes in the office, it may be useful to invest in a leather business bag that complements both smart and casual looks with ease.

selecting a size

Keep into consideration how much you need to carry with you day to day while choosing the best leather briefcase for you. For those who require a little extra space, a men’s leather briefcase with multiple compartments and pockets may be the best choice, such as the Tomacelli3, with benefits from three spacious sections. It’s easy to spoil any briefcase by overfilling, however expertly crafted it may be; so, we’d always recommend sizing up if you don’t like to travel light.If you’re planning to use your briefcase to carry your technology essentials, you’ll need your business briefcase or bag to comfortably accommodate the screen size of your laptop or tablet. We’ve made this easier for you with our how to pack videos and measurements readily available on every product page. These will help you visualise the briefcase size if you’re still not sure on the best fit for your tech.

mens quality briefcase

Alternatively, a more compact briefcase will fit perfectly into your lifestyle if you only need to transport the necessities to and from the office. If you cycle to work, the Micheli briefcase backpack will easily fit all of your requirements. Or, you may prefer the Lorenzo: a slim, stylish briefcase which will hold your everyday essentials. Designed with a sleek silhouette in mind, this style includes an organisational panel to store your pens, cards and phone, reducing unnecessary space with one main interior section. Its refined design also means that this smart briefcase for men will adapt well to any work environment. Sometimes the small are mighty!

Choosing The Finish
mens luxury satchel briefcase
Why Choose Leather?

Naturally, premium leather is the classic material choice for your briefcase. It’s important to understand the quality and handling of your chosen leather, in order to ensure that your briefcase will maintain its luxurious finish and feel over the years. Genuine, full grain leather also improves with age, creating a unique patina over time that is coveted by lovers of Italian craftsmanship - an added touch of beauty to a timeless, investment business piece.

As pioneers of leather briefcase design, Maxwell–Scott is committed to sourcing only the best vegetable-tanned Italian leather, which is then hand-crafted by our artisans with decades of experience. Each of our men’s leather briefcases are made to exacting standards from only the best cowhide, in our carefully selected, family-run factory in Italy. When it comes to leather craft and investing in your future everyday work bag, the journey and craftsmanship of your investment piece is important to consider. A mid-range leather bag can last you a year or two, but the right Italian leather briefcase may last you a lifetime.

Deciding On Colour

All of our leather briefcases for men are available in three timeless colours, to suit the individual preferences and dressing style of every professional: chestnut tan, chocolate brown and night black.

best leather briefcase
Chestnut Tan

Our chestnut tan leather is a smart choice for most gentlemen, due to its relaxed, yet polished, finish. This versatile colourway can easily be styled with a suit, but equally pairs well with chinos and a shirt (or even dark jeans and a blazer). A lighter colour that is popular with younger professionals, chestnut tan is also the perfect choice of leather if you are purchasing a gift for a recent graduate about to embark on their career.

best italian briefcase
Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark chocolate brown leather is the best investment if you require a truly transitional piece. It can instantly elevate a navy or grey suit, or add a touch of class to more relaxed attire. The rich brown tones of chocolate leather will also lend the briefcase to a wider range of workplaces, making it a fine compromise to suit the ever-evolving nature of your career.

best leather briefcase for men
Night Black

If you’re required to wear a suit daily, then our deep black vegetable-tanned leather may be the most appropriate choice. Black is always the sleekest option, pairing well with tailoring and your go-to formal shoes. Going monochrome is a low maintenance choice, too; ideal for the busy professional who simply doesn’t have the time to spend carefully colour-matching different hues.

Your Specific Career

Maxwell-Scott are proud to offer a collection of traditional men’s briefcases that are crafted with your role in mind. These briefcases have stood the test of time and are a trusted choice for the most discerning of professionals.

professional leather briefcase

Law is an exacting career, and therefore commands certain requirements for your business attire. Our Basilio briefcase is a favourite amongst solicitors and lawyers, designed by us to accommodate the needs of those working in the legal sector. The Basilio’s effortlessly sleek exterior is finished with a secure, lockable catch closure to protect those highly confidential documents and two internal leather-lined compartments for file segmenting. We’ve also included detachable utility slots for a phone, business cards and pens, to keep things to hand when you need them. This sophisticated lawyers briefcase is more than just a business bag: it will become a daily companion for many years to come.


The Doctors Bag is an iconic piece that has been treasured by medical professionals for many years. The Donnini Small mimics this classic style with its structured exterior and spacious interior, which is designed to store and protect your essentials from day to day. The larger version of the Donnini even has a zipped base, which reveals a compartment that is ideal for carrying your stethoscope. This doctors bag is a truly functional choice for the modern medical professional, and also makes a thoughtful gift for newly qualified doctors.

We hope this guide will help you select the right briefcase for you, but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

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