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If you were to walk into our atelier in Italy, you’d most likely pick up notes of an earthy, subtly sweet scent. This unique aroma is owed to Maxwell-Scott’s chosen natural and traditional method of leather tanning, and there’s no other fragrance quite like it. We call this type of leather “Vachetta” leather - the most distinguished and desired in the world. Its finish is exceptionally unique, too: untreated and free from artificial alteration, this is premium leather in its purest form.
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“Close your eyes and imagine the smoothest and most supple leather, imbued with impossibly rich and warm tones. The covetable finish is owed to our use of natural dyes extracted from bark, including chestnut, quebracho and mimosa trees. A testament to our love for leather craft, this distinctive quality has become a true hallmark of authenticity; the heart and soul of Maxwell-Scott’s heritage leather bags.”

Our World Class Leather
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100% Full Grain Leather
We source our high-quality leather from the uppermost layer of the hide, where the fibres are tightest. Known as full grain leather, this part of the hide is renowned for its impeccable quality, durability and unrivalled aesthetic. As the surface of the leather is left unaltered, our full grain leather retains the natural character and texture of the hide. This is why we will only ever use full grain leather: it’s quite simply the best.
A Unique Patina
As your exceptional Italian leather bag or accessory is exposed to the oils on your hands and the elements, the deep and earthy chestnut-tanned leather will develop a striking patina. This means no Maxwell-Scott keepsake will age the same as another, creating a product truly unique to the owner — a wonderful reminder of the authenticity and quality of our chosen leather.
Sustainably Tanned
Our traditional tanning process takes 60 days and is 100% natural, environmentally-conscious and organic. We honour a sustainable method that our partners have used for decades; chestnut and bark from a chestnut tree is ground into a fine powder and soaked into fine quality hides for just over two months, which rest in large wooden barrels during the process. We will never use chemical tanning - though this can be completed in as little as two days, we believe that it takes time to create a truly unique, high quality product. It’s a labour of love, but it’s worth it.
Certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium
All of our tanneries are proud members of the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. Founded in 1994, the Consortium is a non-profit organisation that promotes the ancient method of sustainable vegetable-tanning. We extend this eco-conscious ethos to the sourcing and crafting of our leather, too: we only use full grain leather that is a byproduct of the food industry, and all water and waste involved in our manufacturing process is recycled at our family-run atelier in Italy.
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Our Italian Atelier: Since 2002

Tuscany is the beating heart of the Italian leather industry
— there, they live and breathe leather craft.

The world’s best leather artisans and innovators converge along the banks of the river Arno from Florence to Pisa, inspired by generations of craftsmen before them. They have exclusive access to authentic leather tanneries and the very finest full-grain, vegetable tanned leather, guaranteed by the well-respected Italian Consortium of Leather Tanners.

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The Expert

With nearly 75 years in the leather industry under his belt, Domenico, or as he is fondly known Orazio, is the head of the Italian family at the backbone of Maxwell Scott’s leather craftsmanship. No one understands the Italian leather industry quite like Orazio: generations of family before him were expert leather crafters, so his skill and knowledge is truly unparalleled. We’ve trusted Orazio with our leathercraft from the very beginning — and we hope to honour this tradition for years to come.

The Artisans

Orazio’s children, Roberto, Mara and Diana, oversee the daily running of the atelier, with his son Roberto heading up production. They tell us: “The effervescent passion for the finest Italian leather and craftsmanship that runs through his veins, runs through ours.” Under their guidance, each of our genuine Italian leather bags and accessories are brought to life at the skilled hands of fifteen expert craftsmen, who work to the strictest technical and ethical guidelines. The atelier continues Orazio’s lifelong dream – to bring family and work together in harmony for years and years to come.

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The Atelier

All of our luxury bags and accessories are handcrafted on site at Orazio’s Italian atelier, where his highly skilled artisans employ traditional techniques refined over decades of experience.The inner workings of the atelier itself perfectly mirrors our belief that modernity should work in synergy with classic craftsmanship: many machines from the 1970s are actually still in use by the artisans today, but the atelier is now fully powered by solar panels. We’re proud to play a part in preserving the process of authentic Italian leather craftsmanship, while being respectful of the environment — and our artisans are too.

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